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News Flash

Measure A passed!

The City of Jurupa Valley, Council-Elect, now has it's own website. Please visit it for information and updates for meetings, agendas and contact information. The website is JurupaValley.org

The City of Jurupa Valley, Council-Elect, will have their first meeting on March 17th at 7:30 pm. Attached is the agenda for the meeting. March 17th 2011 - Jurupa Valley Council-Elect Agenda (PDF file).

The meeting will be held at the Jurupa Community Center at 4810 Pedley Rd. our Parks District Main location: Jurupa Area Recreation and Park District (JARPD)

Jurupa Valley will be a city on July 1, 2011

Listen to Todd Roper, President of the Yes on Measure A Committee, answering questions about Measure A - Todd Roper on KFROG radio

Listen to George Spiliotis, Executive Officer of Riverside County Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) , answering questions about the incorporation process and Jurupa Valley's financial viability - George Spiliotis on KFROG radio

George states clearly No New Taxes

Read the Impartial Staff report from LAFCO on Jurupa Valley incorporation. LAFCO states no new taxes are requires for Jurupa Valley to become incorporated - October 28, 2010-Staff Report: Impartial Ballot Analysis-Jurupa Valley Incorporation

Here is a link to Riverside County LAFCO's page with all of the Jurupa Valley Incorporation documents including the June 2010 Public Hearing Draft of the CFA - Jurupa Valley Incorporation Documents at lafco.org

Incorporation Research Status

Approval by the Voters of Jurupa Valley in March 2011 is the next step to incorporation!

March 31st 2009 presentation by Gary Thompson from Winzler and Kelly: Jurupa Valley CFA Presentation (PDF file).

March 13th 2009 Administrative Draft - Comprehensive Fiscal Analysis by Gary Thompson from Winzler and Kelly: Jurupa Valley CFA (PDF file).

CALAFCO New City Transition White Paper by Gary Thompson from Winzler and Kelly: CALAFCO New City Transition White Paper (PDF file).

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